New single Keops Pyramid on Swedish Radio!

New single Keops Pyramid on Swedish Radio!

Skärmavbild 2015-06-15 kl. 22.45.16It’s funny, as long as I’ve been listening to P2 Världen (probably the most eclectic and definitely the best collection of world music I’ve come across), I’ve always hoped to make a song that would fit into their playlist of music from Mali, Sweden, India, the US, and many many other countries. It’s hard to say what the “red thread” (to borrow an expression from Swedish) is that ties the very wide range of genres – everything from folk to jazz, reggae, hip hop, indie and everything between and beyond – together somehow…but I have my theory which is: it’s music with roots.

Of course, all music has roots, but a lot of music seems to have consciously or otherwise tried to distance itself or pretend that it exists despite or in spite of (is that the same thing??) its roots. I’m not one to put down any genre or artist – I think there’s good and less-good music in every style. But really, does the world really need schlager?? Sorry to all fans of Eurovision, really. ; )

Long-story-shorter, I’m of course very pleased that P2 Världen has decided to add Keops Pyramid to their amazing playlist! Of course, this is thanks to Keops first being played on the P2 show Klingan which features world, folk and now female singer/songwriters on Saturdays at 11 (with reprise on Wednesday evenings). Klingan:

I didn’t think of Keops as specifically “P2 Världen” material, but now that it’s in there, it kinda sounds good there! 😀

Thanks for spreading the word and if you find yourself in Östhammar (apparently a “dry” part of Sweden??), swing by Ed’s Trädgård on July 12th in the evening. The proprietor Gerrie is an “original” hippie who will talk about his life experiences, followed by musical performances including a set by yours truly. Gerrie has traditionally put together Sweden’s foremost Dylan festival and of course we will have to do some Bobby D then!

Best Midsummer wishes from Stockholm!


New single out!

New single out!
art by Vilhelm "Ville" Danielsson

art by Vilhelm “Ville” Danielsson


The big day is finally here!

Keops Pyramid is out on Spotify, iTunes and on your favorite digital downloading/streaming services! Spotify:

The song itself is by living-legend Mikael Wiehe, who at the time (1972) was part of one of Sweden’s biggest progg (not to be confused with “prog”) bands, Hoolabandoola Band. Very rich history, I can recommend Wiehe’s big book, Aldrig Bli Som Ni, which means “never be like you (as in “you all”):

Fast-forward to 2014 – over 40 years later(!) – another artist Malmö (in the South of Sweden), Frida Appelgren, records a live video of Keops Pyramid. The song uses the symbolism of The Pyramid of Cheops to illustrate the gaping inequalities which exist in the world.

During that session, Frida told Mikael she’d like to do Keops in English, and he said, “then you need to talk to Diipak.” A few weeks later, I emailed the song in progress and she wrote back thrilled about it and said she loved it and that she was just happy someone was putting it out in English. A few days later, she wrote again and said “I couldn’t help it, I just had to try putting some harmonies on there” and voila! Recorded right there in the kitchen in Malmö. Sounds pretty good!

On Keops Pyramid:

Andil Dahl – saxophone
Chuck Anthony – guitar
Henrik Lörstad – keyboards
Jairrohm Parker Wells – bass
Jonas Fogelström – organ
Marque Gilmore – drums
Mia Törngren – congas
Miguel Pavez – trumpet
Pedram Lahijany – dumbek
Stian Grimstad – trombone

Mixed by Troy Jamz, mastered by Mikael “Berkan” Bergström.

Cover art by Ville Danielsson

An amazing group of people to work with, and a truly timeless song!

THANK YOU to everyone involved!!

Also, thanks to my family for the love and support and to the Black Mountain Music crew.

Tonight is the release party at the historic venue Engelen in the old town of Stockholm:



Release party for new single!

Release party for new single!

In 2 weeks, on April 19th, Diipak & band will perform at Kolingen (downstairs from Engelen) in the Old Town of Stockholm. This in order to celebrate the release of Keops Pyramid, Diipak’s latest single. Keops Pyramid is a classic Swedish “progg” song by the legendary Mikael Wiehe, now in English and with some Irie reggae vibes!

by Ville Danielsson

by Ville Danielsson

Check out and join the facebook event:

The band:
Andil Dahl – saxophone
Derek January – bass
Elin Jacobsson – voice
James Bradley Jr – drumset
Jonas Fogelström – organ
Mia Törngren – percussion
Miguel Sopy Pavez Acevedo – trumpet
Niklas Alexandersson – guitar
Stian Grimstad – trombone

Zamân will open for us!

Zamân spelar en stor variation av de orientaliska klangerna från öst. I form utav egna kompositioner och traditionella folksånger bjuder dom med dig på en resa genom din inre och yttre värld. Med Naomi Runa och Arsalan Nasiri.

FREE entry!


Concert for Diversity and Equality

Concert for Diversity and Equality

On the last day of this month, I’ll be partaking in a concert for diversity and equality at Katarina Kyrkan, a beautiful church on the South side of Stockholm, Södermalm. The church is part of Katarina Församlingen which includes Allhelgonakyrkan, Sweden’s most highly-attended church. When I was there the first time, I was struck by how many non-Christians were in attendance, including Jews, atheists, plus many recovering alcoholics (some Christian, some not). The priest himself is a recovering alcoholic and a big Dylan freak, which only goes to show you…not sure, but it’s a cool congregation!


I’m excited to be taking part of this concert. Partly since I haven’t played since February, but also because it feels at least symbolically like a really important event. There will be many excellent and some better-known artists, such as Swedish-Iranian rapper Behrang Miri, who I met at shul once(!)

Facebook event:

The concert is called Sida vid Sida, meaning “side by side” which can be interpreted in various ways; right now in Sweden, and really all over Europe and in the world, there seems to be an increase in intolerance…it’s always hard to make general statements like that, but I can say that the generally accepted feeling here is that there’s a lot of negative energy going around. This concert is an attempt to give a dose of positivity to the climate here, less than two months away from the general elections where voters will have a chance to choose a new (or old) government!


Sida vid sida is also a line from an old “progg” song (check out this link about the Swedish genre, progg:, Staten och Kapitalet, which was later turned into a really heavy punk song by the legendary and mystical Joakim Thåström of Ebba Grön. There, sida vid sida refers to the state and the banks working side by side to basically f- over the people…once again, a blanket statement!


Come one, come all in a week! FREE admissionSida vid Sida


Fiddling around, 10 yrs in Sweden

Fiddling around, 10 yrs in Sweden

Hej! Hey! ¡Hola hola caracola!

Firstly, apologies for the quietness…it’s been a busy time since Pet Sounds…speaking of which, there will be footage available soon! Promise!

Nextly, I’ve been compiling fiddle-work I’ve done for various artists over the years, and here’s what I’ve come up with so far…more to come, so stay tuned!


It’s 10 years since I’ve lived in Stockholm, Sweden and I’ve just voted in the 2014 European elections. Feministiskt Initiativ (the Feminist Party, known as Fi) got my vote, they stand for all the right things and have a lot of momentum now, so the fact that they’ve entered in the EU feels big!

More about politics and music soon…

Enjoy the summer!!!

Fall footage and T-shirts!!

Fall footage and T-shirts!!

So I’ve finally gotten around to posting some pics of some friends of mine who are proud owners of the official Diipak t-shirt – check it out on the photos page! (click on thumbnails to enlarge…the images).

If you’re interested in the t-shirt, they go for 150 SEK (around 20 bucks), and if you want a CD which goes for 100 SEK (around 15 bucks), I can do what we call here “kompis-pris” which means “friend-price” 😀

Just send me a message and we’ll sort it out!!

I thought I’d share a few vids from this some more “acoustic” gigs this fall:

Lucia festivities at Hässelby Gård from Dec. 14th.

Fun to play a more acoustic version of Livin’ in a Graveyard!

Internationella Fredsdagen (International Day of Peace) Sept. 21st

Feel free to fast-forward my rambling about peace (or not).

Heads up for Pet Sounds February 22nd!

Happy Xmas – War is Over if You Want It!!! <3

Looking back, looking ahead – 2013 and beyond!

Looking back, looking ahead – 2013 and beyond!

2013 has been an exciting year in many ways!

There was the release-party at a packed Mosebacke, Flatenbadet, the Urkult folk and world music festival in Northern Sweden, Fotografiska Museet, Engelen, and of course the interesting yet classy gig at Nordiska Kompaniet.

Not to mention the t-shirts and this cool new website created by Felix Hill!

Heads up for the web-shop which is to open soon, plus a new and exciting side-project called “Inspire-Desire” where I interview people who inspire me with their creativity and find out what inspires them!

Also, check out the upcoming dates – 2 dates already booked for February, at Pet Sounds Bar and a benefit for Burma in Örebro! 

A couple of videos from recent gigs:

Fotografiska Montage by Jonas Fogelström (

In the band was Chuck Anthony (electric guitar), James Bradley Jr. (drums), Magnus Malmros (cello), Marcos Colmenero (bass), Maria Carlman (flute and voice), and Mia Törngren (percussion).

Our concert at Engelen was special in many ways, but a big highlight was having Canadian soul singer, Leah Harris with us for the first (and hopefully not last) time! She did a very cool rendition of the classic House of the Rising Sun. For you Dylan Freaks out there, here’s a clip from the greatest documentary about Dylan by Martin ScorceseNo Direction Home, where Dave Van Ronk (called “the mayor of Greenwich Village” during the 60’s folk revival) explains how the chords to this old folk tune evolved to the way everyone knows it today:

House of the Rising Sun with Leah Harris. Video by Steve Morris:

In the band was Dan Arvefjord (bass), James Bradley Jr. (drums), Leah Harris (voice), Mats Burman (electric guitar), Mia Törngren (percussion), and Rachel Eddy (claw-hammer banjo, voice and mandolin).

And as usual, I am always looking for support for my projects in the form of labels, distribution, or other ways…for bookings, write to